Invitation for 09/02/11 event, RSVP here

So it seems for now the square peg (cube) is really not to be force-fed into the round hole (bubble), at least in the sense of physical union. At this hour I should be shying behind Susie Bubble, the host, while a 22-photo exhibit (London fashion scene, student work, upcoming talent) is being launched in the lounge of W Hotel Times Square. At this hour I am sitting in my London flat slam-dunking Crunchie biscuits into the trap. The exhibit is to celebrate the opening of W Hotel in London on the 14th of Feb – that hunk of glass in the middle of the Leicester Sq that we all thought was going to be a car park. I actually had a peek the other day and it looks amazing inside.

Tomorrow night the launch event will last till 9pm EST so you have about a day and 1.5h to RSVP here and dash to the event for some free bubbly and cheese cubes, but the exhibit will be up for 2 weeks for those who’d rather BYOB. Thank you Susie the ventriloquist – ask her anything, she does my voice quite well. Apologies for the awkward timing of this post but the only appointment alert from my Google Calendar today was for the biscuit sports after evil visa (or lack thereof) wiped out all NY plans.