Trenchcoat, Cropped Sweatshirt – Uniqlo, Sheer blouse – Etsy (Gossamer Wings Studio), Skirt – Vintage, Sheer leggings – Wolford, Shoes – Office, Socks – Korean, Bag – Etsy (Benefit Jewels), Necklace – H&M; Left photo stolen from Platform Princess, right photo stolen from Style Crusader

LFW Day Five and barely posting stuff from the first day, I’ve clearly been blogging for just a very short while, I think today’s my third day (cough not over a year cough), and do not know how this all works…! OK fine I have no excuse, give me the cone hat I’ll go sit on a stool.

I’ve had to steal some photos off of fellow bloggers because I forgot what kind of blog I run and came home emptyhanded… thank you Jackie and Jennifer!