Smoking is harmful for you, kids. KFC on the other hand, is not. Message in a kiosk!

Warsaw Central Train station > Krakow Old Town > Zakopane  Youth Hostel > Szymoszkowa Ski slopes > Morskie Oko paths

Well, looks like I can actually ski.

Tumble wumble tumble wumble tailbone slam headbang tumble sticks and skis gone, but hey I still did get up after that, it was just that once. Everyone chose to snowboard the first day, and then curiously changed to skis the next – I must’ve looked glamorous – after all, I did try to appear fashion blogger by wearing orange with yellow.
Again, it wasn’t my first time in Zakopane, the mountains of Southern Poland, but this time it was definitely a refreshing experience, going with friends. Sure, it’s not the Alps, but I doubt they have Polish horses in the Alps. Beat that.

The trip was great, taking that much needed break and actually wearing utilitarian clothing was, dare I say, liberating. Skiing and hiking are probably the two most blogger-unfriendly verbs in the entire dictionary (this fashion blogger dictionary can be purchased at £5.95 at local blogshops) but you’ll excuse me for this once, yes?

Hope you all had a wonderful start to 2010, I personally don’t consider Jan 1 to be any different than Dec 31, but that’s just me I guess. Can you believe that a decade ago we thought our computer dates were going to scramble back to ‘1900’, in which case the dumb 12 year-old that I was thought I’d just flip it up to ‘2000’ after the disaster happened? What, what computing crisis?