These are some shoes that do not belong to me because I have a MAESTRO instead of a MasterCard. Damnit, sux being an international shopper sometimes. Can you believe these are $39.50?

Alloy Orion Boot, Goddess Boot

− − −

Some Apparel-to-shoes translations I stumbled upon while cruising through shopbop during giddy shoegazing session…

Burberry Prorsum A/W 08  |  L.A.M.B Scallop Bootie

Miu Miu A/W 08  |  Pelle Moda Cutout boot

− − −

Aand lastly Topshop‘s sale started, so just to finish off the shoe-heavy post…

Topshop Anderson Lace front, Superb Tbar Platform

I think shoes will be the only items to be exempt from my 2009 Purge-black mission.

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  1. Gosh, these shoes are hot!

  2. oh I love those shoes.

  3. thos open toe booties are great and that Miu Miu dress is just amazing!

  4. Good eye on those match-ups! Cutout boots are calling my name ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Mmm…shoes.

  6. yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!!

  7. fantastic alloy boots! $39.00! looks just like the loubitouins!

    hugs from

  8. carly

    hot hot hot! i tried on the blue t-bars from topshop (last picture) but in black. they looked so cool in a librarian-ish sorta way hahha :'( but i had to choose between this pair and another…so i got the other pair p.s. i really like your blog!

  9. hot hot hot! i tried on the blue t-bars from topshop