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I wasn’t familiar with Public Beware until Thursday after the exhibition set-up Ellen and I were gobbling away on a hamburglar and corn on the cob on the curb (say that faster 5 times) of their Brick Lane shop. The Japanese boutique stocks styles in all ranges and you’re bound you find something unique and interesting for a decent price. The bag cost £45 which is buckets cheaper than how much I’d pay for a bag of similar quality and size in a highstreet chain, and of course the ZIPPERS. There is a tiny collection available here in ASOS, but it really doesn’t do any justice to how much there is in the real thing.

I definitely recommend a visit to Brick lane when you’re in London, there’s so many hidden gems in the small streets. I myself don’t hang around there much and therefore probably missing out in the whole art student culture experience, but then again I wouldn’t know culture even if it hit me on the balls. I mean, you know what I mean.



Croptop Zara | Tshirt | I Don’t Like Mondays | Pants, Shoes Gmarket | Belt Rockit | Bag DIY Studded Vintage | Jacket H&M






I think we managed alright with the exhibition. My camera just magically ran out of battery before I could take any pictures of my own work, hotdang. Well, not that I would put my work up here. The exhibition is up in Free Range till the 1st of June in F Block T2 of the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane E1 for those with very little to do this weekend and happen to be around.

About the outfit photo, I do realise that the Zara cropped-top colours are dramatically different here and in the previous post. It’s actually closer to the colour on this post – I think I cranked down the saturation too much on the previous… Oh yes and the hair, I didn’t realise my bun fell apart until I pulled it out of the oven… No, I didn’t realise my bun fell apart until I looked at the pictures at home, it’s my wrestle-on-sofa-with-sleep hair, for those wondering if it has a life of its own and a name.



Here’s to the end of exams and deadlines, and a decent start to summer – I toast to you o dear readers, with much love – with Coke on the rocks.

Shopping report: £5 Leather belt from Rockit, Acid spray crop tee from Zara, Sex and the City Season 5, La Vita e Bella… I think I’m ready to play.

Just one more thing, there’s an exhibition for my year in a Brick Lane gallery called Free Range starting Friday, ten to seven, just look for Central Saint Martins Two/Thirds. Everyone’s welcome, you’ll probably find me sitting in a corner on an elevated bar stool with a cone on my head for not meeting set-up deadlines. We’ll see, it’s still 6am now, I still have time before 1pm, don’t you think? Oh I fail in life.




Cardigan Zara | Dress worn as top Indian store in Warsaw | Skirt Hurwundeki | Shoes, belt H&M | Bag Gmarket



I just wrote a paragraph about my surreal experience of studying in a real library (Queen Mary Uni) today but then I thought about it and why should I rub it in that I’m a retard? So I got rid of the whole thing. Please understand, it was full of useless observations like wow I didn’t know they have CUBICLES AND DESKS in the library, this is SO AWESOME. Come to think of it, compared to this, my artschool library is like a barn.
My shoulders got all stiff the 3rd hour in, and naturally I moaned to Ellen about it, and she told me to cartwheel through the isles to loosen up. That girl is so clever.

Now, I have an essay due in 14 hours and I’m still trying to find out whether it’s 1500, 1700, or 2000 words, which also means I haven’t started it yet. Yeah, I’m not sure why I’m blogging either, but thanks for wondering.





Knit Jumper Vintage | Tshirt I Don’t Like Mondays | Pants, bag Gmarket | Shoes Cutesyshoes

It’s so wrong when you had a can of energy drink that looks like an angry brown poop (refer to pic in last post) and you still feel doozy woozy sleeepy.

I can’t wait till Sale season. I think I spend more when I forbid myself to shop. It must work the other way, right? Stingy when allowed to spend. Mini rebel needs some discipline because clearly, this thing I just bought from ASOS is DIYable inside and out.