Last minute packing for Turkey as we’re leaving in less than 3 hours. I know will severely regret not getting some sleep because I am close to 100% sure that there will be a devil child on the plane wailing right until the moment we land. When I have a child and if it cries in an airplane I will be so considerate as to check it in with the rest of the luggage before boarding – plane’s happy, mummy’s happy, everyone’s happy!

I found my mother’s ring stash, very satisfied with stock.





Aand finally, last minute DIY to wear on the beach (similar DIY Tutorial here), I realised my bikini bottom will not do half a decent job of covering the junk in the trunk so I had to think of an alternative.

Hope you’re having a good weekend!




Shirt Mum’s Stefanel | Tee FCUK | Jeans Zara | Shoes Office | Bag DIY Studded Vintage | Necklace/ring Warsaw Antique market

Thank you for all the Turkey recommendations for the last post – I was intrigued by the restaurant on water bit, that actually comes quite close to fish coming to sacrifice itself in a puddle of lemonjuice! :D Still quite worried that I haven’t found a bathing suit yet. I’m going through the swimwear racks in all the shops but all I can find is bikinis that look like 3 pieces of tree-leaves strung together, or those that accommodate a balloon party if you know what I mean. I wish I could pick and order from ASOS’ vast collection, but we can all expect that to arrive after I get back from Turkey. I guess the only choice now, is to knit a swimsuit since we all know that DIY is the answer to all wardrobe dilemmas. Let’s see what kind of yarn I brought home…

Mohair… hm.

How about this, bathing suit from the year 1858. VINTAGE!





Tee Lego by Paul Smith | Pants Zara | Shoes Monnari

We’re planning to go to Southern Turkey, Belek in a few days so I’ve been constantly shopping for beachwear. To tell the truth, this is the first time we’re going to on a proper beach holiday – we’re more of a city-touring folk, well at least my mother and I are, the smarter half of the family. Pffffff, lying on a piece of cloth wearing a few pieces of cloth by a mass of water, nonsense! No, we need to go into the city, the huddle buddle and the dirt that we’re meant to have vacated from, look at buildings (because we don’t have buildings where we come from), walk until our feet look like elbows, and all the while looking like idiots trying to blend in. Fact is, the ‘trying to blend in’ never works – three things that only tourists do: 1.Carry a map of the area in a different language, 2.FIGHT WITH YOUR TRAVEL COMPANION over that map, and 3. wear your camera across-body. Sometimes we will even consider eating in McDonalds or Burger King. Hey, it’s in the tourbook, try out the local food: FRENCH McPOISSON BURGER.

So my point is, I think my father and brother have a point when they stress for a holiday on the beachside, although I do fear my mother and I will go on a quest to find out when the hotel was built and can we please have a map of this area in Korean please. Do you also sell plaster models of the Mediterannean sea that I may purchase?

Anyone else who’s been to Belek and might have something for me to get excited about? Like, do the fish spring out from sea and sacrifice themselves on our dish? Something like that please.





Shirt Gmarket | Pants Zara | Shoes Nine West | Bag Pollini

  • Slept 3 hours in the past 24 hours.
  • Watched Slumdog Millionaire with le boyfriend again and ended up competing who can slurr the millionaire part of “Welcome to…Who Wants to be a Millionaire!” line best. (BF: Who wants to be a millioerrrrele! Milliereareeee! MiRARGAHRGHRRrrr)
  • My mother keeps shoving ginseng pieces in my mouth whenever she comes into my room. Like sock-in-mouth kind of shove.


  • Recent grey sandals I bought in Zara sale is rather strappilicious. Slowly realising that most of my shoes are composed of straps and buckles. One cannot have too many straps and buckles, yes? somone please comfort me.

Hope everyone had a great Sunday!




From TWO whole sets of outfit photos from the past few days, this is the only one that survived the wrath. Ellen and I have set the bar too high for the quality of photos that go on this blog, it seems. Cars, random people walking dogs, numbingly boring residental buildings… bad focusing, feet-cutting off, SO-not-right-moments… I’m sure by now you know who took the pictures. Also, I live in a very residental neighbourhood called Wilanow and it’s not exactly the most photogenic place in Warsaw. The usual repertoir would be 1) Beg for a photo, and if he/she grudgingly agrees, 2) quickly do all the settings for the camera, 3) hustle up along any damn landscape in fear that she’ll change her mind 4) then cheer her onto taking more than 5 photos (with feet, please mother). I get home nervously with the hot merchandise, then all hell breaks loose and you, poor readers, end up getting photos of coconut milkshakes and a quarter of an outfit.


Thank you to Arlie from Urban Revisions for this self-shredded circle scarf! It’s such a lightweight thing, perfect for summer rain chills. Check out her Etsy store for more high quality shredding, from all kinds of scarves to t-shirts. :D