Sweater – Alexander McQueen on loan from My Wardrobe, Knit dress – Market in Lithuania, Dress – COS, Shoes – ZARA, Belt – Vintage, Bag – CADO

I know this sounds like a broken record, or an overachieving techno number, but I’m just so exhausted exhausted exhausted doo-doo-beep beep….beep-de-ree-doo-doo…

Would PRs like some quality coverage on shows, because it would help to receive some tickets when requested, you know. And don’t you dare email me later and ask me to blog about the lookbooks of the latest collection, or stream the show in a post. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about which celebrity wore your brand also, neither do my readers.

Thank you Jill for taking those shots of me.

1 – Susie, 2 – Nadia & Frances, 3 – Audrey, 4- Elise, 7 – Anywho girls, 8 – Kate Lanphear, 9 – Yvan & Ruby Aldridge, 10 – Anywho girls again, 11 – Maria

Topshop Unique SS11 Show held in old Eurostar station

Disco glam enveloped in black silk chiffon smoke and flaming amber, orange, red photographic print drapery. And that cotton candy marshmallow hair that vigorously tickled my fancy…. hey wait, s’mores. Another huge success and a long long wait until Spring 2011. I just got used to the antlers, can’t we just settle on one season at a time? By Christmastime we’ll have to DIY reflective antler sunglasses just to keep up with the season’s latest and coming up’s.

Nadia of Froufrouu

Left: Emete of Make Lemonade

Jacket – Monnari, Blouse – Make Lemonade Vintage, DIY Cropped jeans – Zara, Wedges – Velvet Angel via Shopbop, Bag – Vintage

Currently suppressing the urge to take the laptop into the bed and acquaint myself of the art of endurance, but I fear it’ll be like man in stripclub, with wife. I’d forgotten Fashion Week is five days of tightrope-walking, the dismount both pleasing and excruciating and the only applause is from the shoes, sarcastic…slow…claps. They know they’re too damn expensive to THROW IN A BURNING OIL TANK. I will now buy cheaper shoes that can shred my feet and then I’ll express wrath by setting fire to them. Yeah, that sounds like good logic.

Day one was a good start, the wind tasted like winter but there were sunny spells that just lit up the courtyard like an incubator and then the colourful birds started hatching. Don’t you love it how all throughout the year magazines report the latest trend yet during fashion week no one really wears trend? It might just be London, but I didn’t see a herd of sheep(skin jackets) nor a pack of camel(coats) entering the show tent. Best thing about LFW: Overdosing on coffee with the girls and bumming around the courtyard, high on one caffeine cocktail or another, making new friends and shooting* old ones.

*Lined up against a wall, or sometimes just while they talk… candid is best, really.

Thank you Joseph Piper for taking my outfit shots!

Jill and I are covering London Fashion Week for Next this season, check out the Next blog for more coverage!

Tap, tap, tap on that fish tank…tap…tap…

Edit: Giveaway Closed!
Due to overwhelming responses and finite number of tickets the guys at Masha Ma had to put up a white flag to close the contest early! I do apologise if you were hoping to enter; and for those who entered, thank you for your interest! I hear the guys over at Masha Ma also gave away a few standing tickets randomly as a form of apology, so not all bad news hopefully.

I’ll be contacting the winner tonight!

The wonderful people at Masha Ma offered to give away two seated tickets for her show this London Fashion Week! Remember thisblack coat with handles I almost stole? I saw sneak peeks of her SS11 collection when I was at the studio and it looked very promising, I’m fully expecting it to be a SS!! collection.

Here’s how to enter: Easy, like tapping at a fishtank – Email press@mashama.co.uk, and simply write the password ‘MONKEYSODA’ in the title and provide your name. Someone from the Masha Ma team will get back to you to let you know if you’ve won or not!

The giveaway will end on Saturday, 12.00 (noon), 18th September 2010, and the winners will be announced that same afternoon so that appropriate plans can be made. I’ll be personally meeting the winners before the show to hand the tickets over.

**Little trivia about Fashion Week tickets: Seated tickets are very exclusive and only offered to established members of the press; it also allows you to skip the queue for the show that might be stretched around the block! So get tappin’!

Shirt – Vintage (Thru BlackLunaVintage), Top – New Look, Jeans – Courtesy of Levi’s, Shoes – Cutesygirl;
Photo (left) by Levi’s photographer, Above 2 photos by Kit (thank you!)

Event at St Martins Lane Hotel; Propeller Shirt on pic 2 – Kit

I might’ve mentioned sometime in the past that if you don’t hear from me in 5 days you might as well call the nearest morgue and check up on a recently deceased fashion blogger, shoe size 5.8 being the key information to provide for identification. Actually speaking of sizes, it must’ve taken about 15 pairs for me to realise I’m not really a size 5.5 or a 6.
Feels like all I’ve done lately is to find out every personal numbers I memorized had been wrong – bra size, eyesight digits, age… (Realised I’d been telling everyone I was 23 long before I’d even turned 23) Just over a week ago I was invited to preview the new Curve ID collection by Levi’s Jeans and to try out their revolutionary measuring technique. This gangly robot wrapped its tentacles around my shivering naked body and calculated how much of a muffin my butt area was. I kid. A harmless tape measurer-thing determined if I was a Slight Curve, Demi Curve or a Bold Curve, and because I have a wishy-washy butt I was determined a Demi Curve. So turns out I’ve been wearing my jeans too big, go me. The jeans hugged my bottom half so nicely I burst out into rainbow tears.

I moved across town – is the excuse for 10-day-long silence, prepare for post-avalanche!