Trench – Uniqlo, Boots – Clarks, Skirt – Courtesy of, White Shirt – Courtesy of AA, Sweater – Gmarket, Bag – Lithuania

I’m about to crack one of those hilarious jokes again… just crawled home from Paris.

Why did the chicken… Nevermind, I’ll just go to sleep and you can retain that last strand of respect for this blog. I’ll ask of it next time when I feel the need to sell your information in exchange for free pair of Uggs.

Thanks Kit for the photos! Taken @ Arcadia SS11Pressday



Jacket Gift from Mom’s friend | Jumper Uniqlo | Skirt H&M | Leggings Zara | Boots Clarks (2006) | BagĀ  Solar

(The weather is extremely confusing…)

Morning Class. Ten minutes late. Chicken & Pesto bagel brunch. HTML/CSS Workshop. Fire alarm. Back to HTML/CSS Workshop. No listening at all. Facebook chat with friend across the room. Another fire alarm. Tutor gives up class. Meet Ellen. Covent garden. CLIVE OWEN CLIVE OWEN. No courage to say hi. Waffles on the roudabout. Jacket Potato for Ellen. GALA. Forget name so forget saying hi…

Ugh too slow. Basically I want to get to the part where I SLEEP. Goodnight!