Jacket Gery Webber Top FCUK Belt & Pants H&M Boots Bronx – Office Shoes Bag Topshop

I always wonder everytime I go food shopping, these:


Does the kitteh come with the package?

I’m just kidding.

PARK & Cubicle Bazaar is open, I was ‘inspired’ by lulu’s Shoes and your Mom that I decided to do it too, yeah I suck big time. Please help out this poor soul, she is in need of third kidney and lacking funds for an operation!

Kidding again, I’m just in debt to my parents… and lost feetfat.


click click, shopping time!

Busy buying presents…for myself, oh I’m so bad.
My December purchases, although yeah, it’s only the 7th.

Jacket Gerry Webber Gilet, Necklace Miss Selfridge Pumps New Look


The Gerry Webber blazer reminded me of the Alexander Wang Herringbone Blazer so I got ready to bid the hell on it… won it for 25 pounds, what a steal.

Hopefully the Miss Selfridge Leaves necklace will be a less punky (read: wearable) alternative to Burberry Prorsum’s spike necklace. Too bad Asos is out of stock on this.

Looking to do some leather studding for this ankle cuff effect with the grey pumps maybe.