Navy bag – L.K.Bennett. Scarf – Johnstons of Elgin. Wheely suitcase – Samsonite

If you’re like me and spend more alone-time with your suitcase than with the significant other, this might be for you. Because last time I checked you can’t win a tattooed Ryan Gosling off the internet, let alone password protect him with a TSA-approved lock. Clever luggage got even cleverer, yo. I’ve teamed up with Fashiolista and Samsonite this month to give away a handsome limited edition roller suitcase from their Cosmolite range, just follow the instructions here and cross your fingers it’s yours before the bells jingle.

Fashiolista x Samsonite x Park & Cube

Two Options pour vous

Option 1: 3 24k gold Bracelets by Bijouxbar by Vivien Frank +1 DIY Park & Cube friendship bracelet; Option 2: Peridot Twig Solitaire ring by Michelle Oh, Cocktail ring by Toosis, Silk scarf by Lucy Jay

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Deadline: 23rd Januaray 23:59 GMT

Giveaways are a bit of a pet peeve but I like to hold one or two every year with a company/brand I really think my you might like, so meet Boticca! Otherwise I tell my doctor about it and he says I have to carry one of those syringes in my sock in case another “Do you want to hold a giveaway in your blog” email lands in my inbox and I die of anaphylactic shock. Or a purplep-ish rash… due to acute-annoyance. It’s not because I don’t want to chuck free stuff at you, I just feel like I’m asking for your souls to collect on a clipboard I’d rather be giving something nice while I’m at it. Plus, it kinda cheapens the blog and you know my blog is, like, soo expensive.