First photo by Gabriella
Shirt – Jackpot, Pants – Zara, Shoes – Monnari, Bag – Vintage, Necklace – Gmarket

On my last day in Kraków I had a chance to meet up with Gabriella from Street Fashion in Kraków, such a sweetheart. We drank lemonade at an atmospheric cafe on Bracka street. The cafe had seats outside that looked like school tables where customers would sit alongside eachother and watch the passerbys, kinda like first row fashion show seats, and I’m thinking that’s how Gabi chooses her streetstyle prey.

The Kraków trip was a breath of fresh air; my favourite was the fact that the modern youth culture was completely embedded in the historical bits of the city, so you’d easily find a nightclub in a Polish townhouse of the 1500’s. Café’s are marrrveloos as well, they have this natural vintage den-like atmosphere that you can’t possibly create out of scratch, oh how delicious.

You know this was coming: YOU NEED TO VISIT KRAKOW. Capitals and all.