Laduree Covent Garden; Thank you Emily of JCPR for treating us to tea.

Well this officially makes Covent Garden a minefield, now doesn’t it. The best jacket potato in London happens to be just around the corner, as well as a SNOG and the Icecreamists… and you know what they say: you set off one mine, the rest go off. I think it’s high time I freeze my card in an ice block or leave the sweet tooth on the bedside table (along with my dentures) when coming out to the area. Although I do fear it’ll all be in vain – the new opening of a LadurĂ©e also initiated a new opening of a stomach chamber, one adjacent to the Nevermind-the-full-stomach,-time-for-coffee chamber… this one specifically for Orange Blossom macarons. If the debitcard is back in the freezer then I guess I’ll have to start cutting off hair to pay for a box of macarons.