Coat – Anywho x Kobra, Sweater – Gmarket, Dress – COS, Shoes – Nine West

I know my way around the neighbourhood, and Guess is not an alley I usually go down. Of course, having the tendency of an alleycat when it comes to blogging, I gave it a good snooping session at the Vogue & Guess Jewellery event in February – a sniff here and a nibble there. Turns out it’s not all just bling + all-American girls + bedazzled enviable chest lumps. This is not me saying hey sparkle-overload, you’re awesome, but they do have the odd great item that shine among the bling. Ironically the ‘treasures’ – the simpler items – were hidden amidst the classic Guess forest. For me the only thing that can sparkle on the chest is when I’m a loser vampire in a badly written book.

Thank you Charlotte for inviting me down; and thank you Abi for the outfit shots!

Coat – Mum’s Deni Cler, Dress – Mum’s Fürnkranz, Shoes – Nine West, Cashmere Scarf – Uniqlo, Bag & Belt – JHYoo

The minute I stepped outside Warsaw airport it was WHAM, a scratchy slap across my face with the rotten realization that I’ve been painstakingly lugging around 23kg of junk that’s altogether suitable for a different climate. As always, I’d completely underestimated the bitterness of -18Cº (-0.4Fº) and packed inadequately; forgive me, but UGGs are starting to make more sense now. There’s only so much shuffling I can do in my mother’s wardrobe to seem like nothing was missing during the raid, but I was never able to fool her by scattering food all over the dinnerplate to seem like I’m done – so I don’t really suppose I’ll get away with this.

On a separate note, these photos were taken by Yoo and Ji today, two cheerful 11 year olds in my church. Granted, I had to juggle a few snowballs to lure them away from their friends and plant some enthusiasm by turning the photoshoot into a game of sorts… those who’ve ever babysat will agree: the Who Cleans Up First Wins! game is so so soo deceiving and fun. I did all the camera settings and quickly explained how the focus works, and said the one with most focused photos will win. I forget the score but I think I won.

Evil, who, me?







Nonsense, Mr Lamp is NOT for sale, he is merely supervising the stall while I get a burrito.

The rest of the 6 pairs of shoes are, though. While I was moving into my new apartment I realised how many shoes I adopted just to make them orphans in my own closet. So here they all are, looking at you with droopy eyes, how could you resist!?






Silk Dress Zara | White dress, bag Gmarket | Shoes Nine West | DIY cut stockings





Finally had some time to drive into the center today, forgot how beautiful Warsaw was – really doesn’t help when the three most visited places in Warsaw are home, church and the closest MALL. Hey, believe it or not I’m a regular mall rat. They even have a statue of me in the foodcourt, tall long-haired thing licking a bronze icecream with shopping bags in tow, mounted on white marble with gold-embossed inscription that reads:

Please help us remove this statue
No reserve price, GET IT NOW

Clearly, I take it for granted the many awesome places by growing up here – and the fact that I’ve gone through the explore Warsaw phase a few years ago. Now I’m suddenly feeling like I haven’t even seen a fraction of it, must set out on a quest this August.

Hope you’re all well.






Vest Gmarket | Dress as top Topshop | Skirt H&M | Shoes Nine West | Bag Etsy

Sorry about that second photo. I’m obviously slightly hungover from that flight back home – DEVIL CHILDREN… Turns out I’ve brought back 3kg more phat as a souvenir from the Turkey trip, how very memorable.

Well, I’ll check back later, I bled sleep on that damned flight and I’m a bit anemic.