Favourites from ASOS SS12

ASOS SS12 Pressday; November 2011

One of my readers pointed out a few days ago that my photos just seem¬†ALTOGETHER PASTEL these days. In my defence, I really think I’m going through a hardcore pastel phase here, please help. (A)S.O.S! (har har get it… ASOS…SOS) (I am SO lame).¬†I also seem to be growing a milk tooth and have My Little Pony nightmares occasionally. (I brush and brush their tail hair but it keeps giving me static shocks and I eventually turn into a lightening bolt to live a rather exciting life solely dedicated to causing headaches to poor Harry Potter) Husband, I want our entire flat to be painted dusty pink! As always I’ve had to put a cork on this post ever since the press day back in November, but it only really makes sense as most of these will be tricking into ASOS March-ish and that’s in the next few weeks. Personally loving the vintage-inspired Salon collection but my favourite pieces are the Sophia Kokosalaki Kore collaboration black lace-inset dress and the folk embroidery smock. AND DID I MENTION THE GLITTERY T-SHIRTS? Here we go again, someone get the keys to the restraint vest.