Trench – Uniqlo, Boots – Clarks, Skirt – Courtesy of, White Shirt – Courtesy of AA, Sweater – Gmarket, Bag – Lithuania

I’m about to crack one of those hilarious jokes again… just crawled home from Paris.

Why did the chicken… Nevermind, I’ll just go to sleep and you can retain that last strand of respect for this blog. I’ll ask of it next time when I feel the need to sell your information in exchange for free pair of Uggs.

Thanks Kit for the photos! Taken @ Arcadia SS11Pressday

Camera: Sony NEX-5, Furry Bumbag – ASOS,  Militaryesque Bumbag – Angels Sale, Skirt – Courtesy of, Shirt – Gmarket

Just a quick one today: Immidiate Future, the PR agency that represents Sony sent over the NEX-5 for a ride around the block for 2 weeks. I’ve only done the introductory handshake with it so I haven’t got much to share on its usability or functions, but that grip was pretty impressive. The camera’s a hybrid between a DSLR and a point-and-shoot with interchangeable lenses, and most vital of all for us fash bloggers, it doesn’t need an entire bag of its own like my needy tank Canon does. In fact, concerning how many cameras bloggers sold for Canon the past few years, I really hope this camera will get them slightly nervous.

Be right back with a few testshots!

Sweater – Gmarket, Skirt – Courtesy of, Bag – Solar, Socks – Courtesy of AA, Shoes – Topshop, Belt – Vintage, Shoulder thing – DIY

Clockwise from top left: Cracked-sole Boots; Bag; Pleat Dress; Tiered Top; Trousers & leggings; Multi-buckle boots

Quick post before going back to squat in corner making last minute pricetags for tomorrow’s yard sale – apparently Kit and some others are making banners as well?? Are we doing elections or summink!? Eery feeling, this rush of confuzzled panic + ultra-sleepiness…

Some picks from the latest in – they were so kind to send over a generous box a few months ago, it just took me ages to put up. Storets is like a condensed version of Gmarket, sans epileptic window fireworks and out-worldly shopping procedures, MAIS avec the usual too-pretty Korean models that make me cut their heads off as in above collage. SMUG. FACE. I has. HA!

Top & Shoes – Zara, Shirt as skirt – Mum’s from Stefanel, Bag –

Thank you brother for the outfit shots; Shirt as skirt inspired by Elise’s lurvely outfit

I’m slowly starting to realize that a birthday in July is not something I’d like to gift to my child, possibly a November or an April birthday instead. Call me ungrateful but this is one day I allow myself to wallow in self-pity as I scroll through the phone in search of a few who’d want to have dinner with me and eventually give up thinking why am I the one organizing my own birthday party… a sizable chunk of the phonebook is out of the country anyway.
Thank you G for inviting me over for coffee with 3 near-strangers and the delicious bday tart. And for those trying to deduct my age from the number of candles, it’s not 3 for 30, or 23; it’s 3 for 3 – the age of my inner child that sulks over such trivial elements in life. Sorry.