United Nude London flagship store in Covent Garden

In 2002 I used to play the Sims so much that whenever in real life I’d walk into a room and forget why I went there in the first place, I’d think HEY SOMEONE DELETED MY ACTION… then I’d go kick the gnome in the yard before having a shower that leaked water everywhere. I disgress, wait I forgot what I wanted to say. HEY SOMEONE DELETED MY BRAIN. Ah yes. The other day I dropped by the new United Nude flagship store in Covent Garden – I had to gasp at the sight of the darkest shop interior I’ve seen, lit only in the boxes of the Wall of Light. Every few minutes a streak of colour would run through the wall and you couldn’t help but think that they could throw one heck of a party in here. The Lo-Res project is what tickled my fancy most though, as you can tell by the Sims reference – not that it’s comparable, really. The concept is that surface information, or ‘resolution’ is deducted from a 3D model, to build abstract low-poly models of an ordinary object. Brilliant really, I’d like to see others be more experimentative with everyday objects like the United Nude team. The pink Low-Res mary janes is probably why my Sim keeps disappearing in the night dressed as a criminal.