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I am currently in a 10-hour flight as I write this, wedged awkwardly between a man clearly too bulky for his seat (*cough*my other half*cough*) and a makeshift stack of deflated pillows in vain attempt to cushion the plastic wall. One pillow, in particular, looks incredibly disgruntled with very apparent embossing of my rear-end from the first three hours of flight on its face. Still seven hours to go, and these photos depicting downright comfort, tease with gusto.

Bed – Next. Pillow & duvet cover – Yves Delorme. Grey cushion & Bedside table – West Elm.


Pink towels – Yves Delorme.



Our new flat came unfurnished, and the old one detained all furniture – so for three weeks in March we retired each night, to an air-mattress on the floor – in a barren room – and contemplated more times than once, moving to the local train station/under the bridge due to ass-coldness. The very day the broadband was hooked up, we searched for affordable bed options, and found this upholstered double bed at Next with a Pocket Sprung Cool Mattress and decided to end this first world problem. Of course, if I had my way the new bed would be equipped with an in-built furnace and a hug-machine, but this grey beauty was the next best thing/ Turns out, the memory-foam mattress is now the source of the ‘Ahhhhh’ at the end of each day. A creamy duvet & pillow covers came next – and the towels. Pink, of course (a la everything else so far in the new flat), from Yves Delorme. And one by one, the flat became a home – one under-bed drawer with leftover pizza, at a time.


And one by one, the flat became a home – one under-bed drawer with leftover pizza, at a time.