Photos taken at ASOS AW10 Press Day; 2,3,4 – ASOS White; 5 – ASOS Africa; 6 – ASOS Green Room;

I always let press day photos simmer in the pot for a good few days because I like my PR pasta rich in flavour – meaning I will necessarily keep those kind souls who invited me waiting for the coverage just so I might be in the back of their heads for at least a few days. It’s not really a PR strategy, rather a glorified justification for laziness, but it sure sounds like a convincing bulletpoint in PR for Dummies, doesn’t it?
So you’re assuming this ASOS pressday was about a week ago, and it was evil me who’s put lovely Susie on hold and gone for a shower and a new life. Well internet, this actually happened in April – that’s right, 4 months ago. The fact of the matter is, or as my highschool Bio teacher liked to say, the mact of the fatter is, I’ve been the one on hold for 4 months and 9 days, all in the name of protecting the regal awesomeness of ASOS. Awesomeness of ASOS, try saying that five time faster. I’ve been politely hushed at least twice to embargo this post until the right timing and I just couldn’t help but notice how much dearest ASOS have grown, from ‘As Seen On Screen’ to ‘As Seen On ASOS‘. But finally, here are some images of the new in or coming soons at ASOA, worth the wait, I think.

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  1. amazing pieces!! :)

  2. totally worth the wait.
    everything looks so amazing, especially the shoes!
    + completely in love with your blog :)

  3. That black and gold maxi is sooo amazing

  4. oh, the shoes! <3

  5. i’m lusting over all those shoes……love that grey knotted jumper..and that delicious camel satchel bag…just beautiful!!!

  6. I would love to be at the showroom with you….

  7. I absolutely love the braided knit sweater, I’m looking forward to being able to wear layers and warm clothing again soon! Those pink wedges look deadly.

  8. love love love!!!
    xoxo from rome

  9. really beautiful photos. the way everything has been set up looks really beautiful. more like an art exhibition then a press day. i love how all the accessories have been arranged. p.s. why do i feel like i’ve seen these photos before? (did you put them up and then have to take them down?) xx

  10. I love ASOS I have so much stuff from there!

    Love this post! :)

  11. This is going to be a very hard time for my wallet.
    The grey jumper. Love.

  12. OMG i absolutely loooooove the shoes on display! They’re so pretty…


  13. I really love what ASOS has to offer right now….if I had the money I would be splurging a lot on that shop! Especially their leather satchels!


  14. Luce

    One word: WOW.

  15. I saw that Stine Goya knit in urban outfitters a couple of days ago…PURE PERFECTION!

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  17. Kyu


  18. great product display.
    great photography.
    facetious and witty writing.

  19. your photos are always so stunning shini, how do you do it? i think you could make even a plastic bag catch peoples eye.
    everything looks wonderful and oh! they ship to japan too. i might have to take advantage of that for fall.

  20. Beautiful photography.
    ASOS really have come a long way,
    I think I need start doing overtime at work because I’ve already made a mental shopping list.
    strut{t} mode

  21. Omgosh these pieces are amazing!!!
    The shoes are to die for.
    For a moment there I thought it was ASOS gearing up to open their own shop!


  22. This has to be heaven!!! My eyes are literally sparkling. Love the colors and the clean silhouettes and that BAG!

  23. AHHH SHOE PORN! I see a few that I want already. :X

  24. some pretty amazing shoes they’ve got!

  25. Oooh…potential bank account haemorhage situation happening soon!

  26. I first discovered ASOS 10 years ago….believe it or not it was TACKY, clothes that were copied from celebrities and sold them in an affordable price. For the past 5 or so years they got rid of the tackiness and moved forward and it’s getting better and betttttter. I officially love ASOS.

    Love the tweed jacket with the leather harness….very kerching!!!!

  27. The Asos Black chain dress and those fun Mickie Mouse head balls on the mannequin make me happy.

  28. Beautiful clothes! And the shoes, seriously sexy!

  29. Apart from the clothes themselves, the way this collection is presented is exquisite as well.

  30. that braided jumper is amazing, I’m off to shop!

  31. LOL at your excuse for laziness! :P Awesome shoes though…the chiffon ones are very Topshop! xo

  32. Wow, how can you keep them unseen for so long (‘:
    You’re very good at finding excuses too, you know (;

    love from belgium!

  33. WOW, there is some really gorgeous stuff there that I’ll DEFINITELY be looking out for…

  34. oh god. i really want it all! xx

  35. Oh my.
    Oh my.

    They have excelled themselves this year! Please tell me the prices won’t go up!!

  36. This is gorgeous! The pieces and styling are just drool worthy.


  37. the shoes are stunning!

    Stop by my blog:


  38. these photos make me drool, so many lovely pieces

  39. Very nice bags!

    Les Soeurettes Dalyne

  40. My eyes feel spoilt by all these lovely goodies! x

  41. That is quite a selection of goodies, no wonder you had trouble keeping it to yourself! I have friends who are probably ASOS’s best customers who would have DIED to go there! Got my eye on the knit jumper and the low-heel lace up boots….going for a look now in fact! x

  42. Ha, that’s a PR strategy nearly gone mouldy… But the pictures are still wonderful and I immediately see 3 items I WANT! (which probably means I’m as slow in fashion as you are in putting out the news – suits me just fine). Aaanyway… I thought ASOS was an online shop. Where can one visit them?

  43. Still not 100% sold on ASOS. That said…

    *scratches head and wonders why she isn’t 100% sold on ASOS*

    This collection is awesomeness! Dude, the maribou skirt, the cable knit jumer, the velt dress, the velvet shoes, the harness blazery-thingy… I die!

  44. awesomeness is right! I just die for that handbag and so many things here… I have a love affair with tassels that I just cannot explain :)

    Thanks again for allowing me to use your photos for the feature!


  45. Riight.

    So, that offer to trade lives still stands.

  46. [...] 又是快樂的星期五~ASOS將為大家展示它們即將上市的新商品!有沒有聽到此起彼落的驚呼聲?!是啊~每一張照片的點擊,都再次地提升了想要擁有它們的慾望!看到美的事物總是開心的,今天在ASOS的陪伴下度過了很愉快的一天,那你呢?![via] .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 16%; } .gallery img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } [...]

  47. I ♥ everything!

  48. Ahhhh, that tweed blazer with the leather strapping! I love!!!

  49. amazing shoes!! the blue velvet are gorgeous!

  50. I love all of those shoes and all of those bags!

  51. Bahahaha I just got a kick out of the fact that the little FB ‘like’ button is in Korean. Uhh… I’m so easily amused! To bring it back to fashion – that beige satchel in the second photo needs to be mine…!

  52. oh I love asos! the photos are excellent, I quite like the little headpieces the mannequins have..

    If youre interested, I handmake shoes, check them out on my blog:
    hope you like! :)

    – Matea

  53. Oooh the checked coat with leather harness/straps! Come to mama…

  54. kaz

    that second photo down, the bag..AMAZING! is it ASOS or another brand that they stock? I must know, need to keep an eye out!

  55. I believe it as ASOS White that’s coming out very soon!

  56. Really? haha your browser cookies must have FB in Korean, how does it translate btw, 좋아하기? hehee

  57. Hehe this was just a pressday in April, they don’t have a physical store! Last time I checked they have 35,000 items so I don’t know how big of a store would have to be to house all that!

  58. asos never fails to disappoint me- look at the beautiful shoes and that long beaded dress! i cant wait to get back to england and reignite my asos spending…

  59. These look amazing! I love love love the shoes!

    juliet xxx

  60. Wow, I don’t care if it was in April, the press day looks super amazing, Oh the boots…..

  61. Kía

    GREAT collection just hope it doesn’t gone pricier with all the success

  62. I can’t believe this is ASOS – everything looks SO divine! Gorgeous photos as always Shini.

    Miss B xx

  63. ASOS is well known in sweden. I have to admit, I love ASOS!

    Sophie C

  64. I’ve been checking out ASOS for quite some time now. There was a time where I hadn’t really been checking it out anymore but since some months now I am browsing their new stuff on a weekly (almost daily) basis and I must say they have been getting bigger! I adore them, they have a good look on what’s hot and they deliver fast as well ^^

  65. I got only one pair of shoes from Asos so far, and unfortunately they were the wrong colour so I had to send them back, but I absolutely love browsing through their stuff, especially the knits you included are so good!

  66. i just love your place and all the things you choose!
    Polish kisses

  67. love love love those bags.

    i also had a dyslexic bio teacher in high school. he often said “mother is the necessity of invention.”

  68. awww pretty shinny things, what’s not to love?
    Guess in this instance your laziness was a good thing jajaja


  69. Hi, just discovered your blog after paging through the Asos magazine last night and I love it! Your photography has a really nice quality… I’ll definitely be following from now on. I especially love the Stine Goya jumper in this post and I hope I can get my hands on it before it sells out!

  70. Omg i love those heels for sure…

  71. such a great store i wish i could be there

  72. ohhh my! I can’t wait to see this online (by this I mean snap it up for my own!)

  73. ASOS certainly has grown from its infant, celeb-driven days, hasn’t it? I absolutely love the site, though I haven’t bought anything from there (everything I want is usually on the higher end, and I’m living in education-induced poverty for the moment). Whoever their designers and buyers are, they have magnificent taste!

  74. heheee love how you use the tag…

  75. this is indeed awesome


  76. All those beautiful shoes!! :O I would of loved to of had the oppurtunity to go this event. Did you get to try things on and play dress up? > Jelous.


  77. Shini.. you are killing me.. I want everything in those photos! Beautiful.

  78. Some of these shoes are not my style, but others are to die for!!!

    Everything, everything please !!


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  80. its look like very beautiful I hope when I learn you blog and I can make it !

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