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I think I would’ve named my blog CAKE & COFFEE if it wasn’t for my sanity that persuaded me to do otherwise.

Pulling an all-nighter writing an essay about something I know nothing about, called for desperate (read: Truckload of calories) measures. I think I finished a box of JellyBellies in under an hour.

And yes, now I give approval to hang up Christmas decorations. Come on London, October is not a good time to put up Christmas stuff. I got sick of the decorations by Halloween.

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  1. haha I know how you feel. I’ve eaten way too many bags of M&M’s over the past few days. You look gorgeous in that photo <3

  2. Love your outfit. It looks Alex Wang-ish.

  3. I really love the neatness of your blog. & your photographs are fantastic!

  4. like your blog name dear but coffee and cake is great too.
    hot outfit hon.

  5. great jeans. do they actual fade from white to dark gray? or is that just the light?

  6. That cake looks delicious.

  7. hey there girl,
    thanks for stopping by my site!

    love yours as well – adding it to my blogroll right now!


  8. I love your outfit, it’s very alexander wang-esque

    and that cake looks delicious, but yet oh so beautiful

  9. ps. I’m adding you to my blogroll!

  10. i love it! it’s very alexander wang!!!


  11. That cake looks really tasty. And I have to say, I love your jeans.

  12. I can’t live without my gray beanie too nowadays. Wang is that powerful. I love your photos & outfit!

    (adding you to blogroll :-D)

  13. i really love this outfit-
    your jeans, your beanie- everything!

    would you care to link exchange? :)


  14. Ohh I love this outfit, very A. Wang!!
    fabulous blog!xx