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Random cupcakes photo because I am princess cake, haven’t you heard.


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Sweater – ASOS. Frilly Skirt – Zara (similar here). Heels – Valentino (lower heel version). Bag – c/o Couronne. Headphones – Frends (and here).

It’s that time of year again when you’re supposedly very, very busy due to ‘fashion week preparation, and when suddenly everyone is very simpatico about any shortcomings. Didn’t reply to your urgent email for a week? It’s OK, you must be super busy. Instagramming useless stuff like the crack on your wall? It’s OK, aren’t you a busy girl? Randomly bursting into tears after finishing your last ice cream? There, there, it’ll be over soon. Although, I do feel as though lately I’m fuelled by this false sense of hurry, running around sniffing like there’s a fire (or hidden garlic & herbs bagel) somewhere and eventually not getting anything done 100%…  i.e getting frustrated that the kebab shop man isn’t cooking that damn chicken fast enough so I can go home and half-answer an e-mail while half-glueing gel-soles into all my heels. BECAUSE OMG FASHION WEEK. And I’ve started to scream this like how you’d yell ‘SPRING BREAK!!’ while flashing random strangers. Hey new guy followers. Anyway. I’m really not busy, not more than I am during the rest of the year. Yeah, I’ve got a few shows I’m dying to cover (Mary Katrantzou, are you listening, pwease?), but I just need to charge my batteries and top-up my Oyster card for that. Tell you what, I AM busy re-watching Arrested Development and drinking Tabasco by way of very bloody Virgin Mary’s from bed. LIKE OMG I’M BUSY TALK TO MY SECRETARY OK.

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  1. I love you!!!
    Nice look ♡

  2. your look is fantastic, I love the colors on your outfit!!

  3. You’re very busy ;) but just a quick word to tell you that I love your skirt!

  4. You look so lovely! I love the ruffled skirt and the sweatshirt!
    Mafalda ❤

  5. Hahaha, brilliant!
    I’m afraid I can’t call your secretary personally, I’ll just have my butler do it. <3

    X, Comtesse Sofia

  6. I’LL call your butler myself as I’m currently available. FOR LOVE MAKING. umg.

  7. You look great!


  8. Love the comfy but feminine twist in this look!

  9. Oooh that skirt looks tres chic on you!!

    P.s. I want in on this butler….;)

  10. Maria Linnéa

    I love the shoes! And speaking of shoes, will you have a shoesale?

  11. Lexie

    You look so pretty, happy and healthy! Love the witty writing too.

  12. Haha, thank you for always making me laugh! I adore your sense of humour and the way you write, it’s brilliant.

    And those shoes… Oh my, they’re pretty!

  13. Just love the way you talk :)
    Looking good as always and I wouldn’t even be able to reach your secretary ;D

  14. Hi Shini! I don’t know what it is but you always, I mean always look so stunning in your photographs! x

  15. Sarah

    it’s totally okay to be busy.. watching arrested development and all that

  16. Beautiful shoes and skirt!

  17. Amy D

    What’s that nail color/where are the rings from? Love the shoes!

  18. beautiful!


  19. Vero

    Lovely weekend outfit!

  20. Oh wow i really love this style ! I love i love i love i love … bag + shoes !

    Hey, my first comment here … guess i’m a shy girl.


  21. I think it makes me feel even more busy when I think “Oh my God I’m so busy” I’m trying to stop this behaviour of mine but it seems one of those things I was born with and cannot shake no matter what. Here’s to hoping…

  22. Haha this made me laugh! And lovely outfit and photos as always! :)

  23. hahaa superb! Everytime I see those headphones with you I just feel like getting one but then the real world calls and oops I can’t afford it :'(
    Anywhooo super excited to see what you wear for fashion week <3

  24. I adore your bag and shoes <3

    O.R.R’s BLOG

  25. Tres tres cool post! Stunning pictures


  26. i am so in love with your skirt!
    I need one!

  27. love this outfit – so effortless and so chic. the ruffle skirt and those shoes!

    reckless abandon blog

  28. this is fab!! love the simplicity of it

  29. perfect color palette for this outfit!

  30. perfect photos, as always! and this bag + shoes look great on u

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  31. Love your bag! Photos like always awesome!!!

  32. What a great neutral outfit! I love the architecture on the streets.

  33. ChicTrends

    Love you’re humor! Always look forward to what you have to write but I must admit that the skirt is grabbing my attention at the moment.

  34. Ha! Frazzled or not, you look lovely and I’m sure you are going to rock hard during fashion week…

  35. Arrested Development! Oh how much I love Jason Bateman.. :p

  36. What do you mean you aren’t busy for fashion week? LOLZ. Love the flared skirt paired with the easy and cozy top.

  37. You are a nut case.

    Seriously love how sophisticated and laid back this outfit is. Three things to mention: THOSE HEELS ARE AMAZING, love the grey nails against the colour of your jumper, and I am not wearing a single pair of heels this fashion week (Converse. all. the. way.). xx

  38. Hey,
    beautiful pictures and a great outfit! :)

  39. ayy_ayy

    Too busy to answer your email so that you should post that peace sign with your finger. hehe.
    it’s like you typed this post with hurry. or maybe your SECRETARY did it for you ? :)

    nice outfit anyway.

  40. Hi princess cupcake, I am princess peach cobbler, nice to meet you.

    What nail polish are you wearing? I love it.

  41. Love your shoes and bag!

  42. Wow! I love your sweater. You look really pretty in that outfit. Hills are damn pretty too. Anyway, thanks for sharing! :-D

  43. I bought that exact skirt and it looks shit on me, you however look like a modern-day princess. ahh fashion week, hope the preparations for it all are going well xxx

  44. Helen

    I LOVE your shoes!

  45. It is a nice combo of pastel colors!

  46. haha, I totally feel you on the fashion week madness! You should totally cover Katrantzou, she’s totally your aesthetic. also can I mention how I’m dying over your headphones??? seriously gorgeous.

  47. Really nice shoes! I like the outfit for the next sunday in London… <3

  48. You so sweet! I love your outfit! Very cool skirt!

  49. amazing photos! and I want a cupcake now ;)


  50. You outfit and those cupcakes are both to die for. MMMM!

  51. I love the colors on you! you look so chic

    Please check my new posts


  52. I must say, I was not Instagramming, but you are looking super cool in this skirt.

  53. Luka

    I love that outfit!!

  54. Farah

    Cute outfit, love your skirt!

  55. Perfectly pretty !

    xx, Brittany

  56. Love it! Respect!

  57. Neutrals are always in fashion.

  58. kathleen


  59. Julia Fuller

    You are so my favorite blogger; clothes I would actually wear! Elegance for those who aren’t built like giraffes! xoxo Julia

  60. Kerry

    I love your look&picture♡

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