Blouse & Bag – Chloe. Skirt – Karen Millen. Bracelet – Miansai. Watch – Larsson & Jennings


A video diary: the first day of London Fashion Week




Rewind, play.
A Shopstyle x Harrods video, produced by The Apartment

As you can see, I make a brilliant habit of dropping my cool like a hot potato whenever a camera is shoved in my face. I mean, slow-dancing with food and suggesting a celebrity threesome is, really, any old day in the life of this insane chipmunk, but no one’s ever successfully recorded it so… yes, let’s report this cool lost. (Although, I suppose one can argue that I never had any cool to begin with.)

Weeks before the ‘fashion’ baton was handed over to London, I sat down with team Apartment, Shopstyle, and Harrods, in the plans of animating a typical London Fashion Week day for me. Many a scenario we had mapped out: breakfasts, fittings, shows, re-sees, melt-downs on account of London traffic and even a spot of work (!). But me being me, famously sporting a rather potent gravitational field of tomfoolery, on the actual day of the shoot we ended up rewriting the agenda (on the back of a Pret bag, with old eyeliner found at the bottom of my bag), and indulged all kinds of tangents… like running into the nearest McDonalds to use the loo and coming out with a box of McNuggets. In Balmain. (Shhh don’t tell Harrods) In the end though, I do think it turned out to be a more natural rendition of what a LFW day looks like every season after season: the mad conflict of schedules vs. spontaneity, with snacks and gossip at the Apartment in between it all.


Jacket – Balmain.




Jacket – Chloe . Bag – Marni. Stole – ASOS. Trousers – Zara. Shoes – Gianvito Rossi.






Photos by Kris Atomic, Simon Schmidt and Shini Park. In Collaboration with Shopstyle.

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  1. Ah! I love this post! And it’s getting me in the mood for fashion week in Melbourne tonight!!

  2. Your outfits are impeccable! That cutout shirt has got yo be the most refreshing that I’ve seen and the best plans are those that are hastily scrawled then lost somewhere! Ahaha, it sure beats strict adherence

  3. Missed your voice (and U ^^) ! and this video makes me smile : I love the oufit with the skirt and the cut out shirt, so lovely !
    see yaaa buddy ! <3

  4. Love your style, always on point!


  5. miri

    Love your LFW doumentary. The photos are amazing!

  6. Amazing photos as always. I love how gloomy London looks. That sounds a bit weird but you capture it so nicely.


  7. I love this. You are so adorable, Shini, and your outfits are absolutely wonderful!

  8. Ah, you’re back! Beautiful beautiful skirt. And best photos, like always. Thank you for a peek into fashion week! xxSol

  9. The video and photographs are fab! Love it all. Great post. You’ve got a new fan :)

  10. the video is pure class haha ! Is till didn’t amange to bump into you! :(

    A Forte For Fashion


  11. Beautiful blazer!

    Printed or Plain

  12. Loving your LFW documentary photos! And that phone case – story of my life, this is why I take Ubers everywhere – pray tell, where is it from? x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  13. Great pictures of LFW!

  14. It’a always interesting to get an inside look at things. I really like the white blazer too!


  15. Shini, I love your personality! I don’t think you “drop your cool” at all, if anything you’re so bubbly and fun yet classy at the same time. Very jealous of all these extraordinary opportunities (plus your very own Park & Cube-mobile!) and beautiful photography/editing as always.

    With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday

  16. Aww it looks fab, I long to get involved with the craziness of fashion week. Love your blouse in the first shot

  17. Sara

    I loved watching this video, what a glimpse into your daily life! Your photographs are always so thoughtful and beautiful, but also I can tell that your personality is like that too. So sweet and quick to laugh which is refreshing to see and fun, Thanks for sharing!

  18. awww loved the video, you’re so cute! <3
    i love the Chloe pieces on you, you're so gorge!

  19. So much love for this post, Shini! Love the photos and video!

  20. That picture of you getting your hair fondled – you look so dreamy! More like that. Hope you’re having a brill time in the sunshine xx

  21. That picture of you getting your hair fondled – you look so dreamy! More like that. Hope you’re having a brill time in the sunshine xx

  22. You’re so adorable! I love to be able to get to know you a bit better through these vlogs :) love how honest and real you are on this one (something sadly it’s not always shown among bloggers!)

    Rosemary Notes – A Fashion Illustration blog

  23. I absolutely love the video, you are hilarious! and that Chloé jacket is amazing! x

    Sophia //

  24. I loved the video!

    / O.R.R.

  25. I love London! It is such a vibrant city and the people are so nice!

    Also I love the way you write! you are so funny!

  26. I love your style! cool blog.

  27. In the midst of all the fashion week noise, I swear there’s just something different about your posts that makes me sit up and pay attention rather than the bored scroll…love it!!

    Alice // Blog Inconnue // Owner of shop Inconnue

  28. Sarah Nizomi

    you are absolutely my role model, i want to be like you! :)

  29. Shini, you are soo amazing. Lovely video! <3

  30. adore the personalized taxi cab

  31. Wonderful post! You should do more videos Shin, you do it well!

  32. in love with all these pictures & with your outfit! gorgeous!

  33. in love with all these pictures & with your outfit! gorgeous!

  34. Your photographs always have a beautiful effect, I can always trust you to take me into a wonderful mood!

  35. OMG I love that Balmain jacket!

    – Liz

  36. Love watching you in action. Nice shots, nice pieces of clothes.

  37. Shar

    That doorman on the second to the last photo, though.
    May you open my door for me? You don’t need to knock.
    Just come, dahling.

  38. As I wait for a second batch of brownies to come out of the oven ( covered in flour and other edible and non edible crap) I see this and I wanna go to Zara and bathe in rose water to become a glamazon as well- makes sense no? (Sorry maybe it’s the sugar). Anyways. Cutest vid!!!

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  40. Christy

    WHAT IS the lip color you are wearing throughout the video!? :D

  41. Wow, a car with your blog name on it is pretty awesome :)

  42. Amazing post and beautiful outfits

    I really love your hairstyle and makeup

    Love from