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Park-and-Cube_Carrera-JimmyChoo_009 Park-and-Cube_Carrera-JimmyChoo_010


Park-and-Cube_Carrera-JimmyChoo_012 Park-and-Cube_Carrera-JimmyChoo_013



Sweater – Chanel AW13. Dress – Next. Booties – Next. Bag – Couronne. Rose-gold star necklace – MyFlashTrash. Watch – Sekonda. Sunglasses – c/o Carrera by Jimmy Choo. Thank you Carrie for helping with the outfit shots.

Guess who feels all grown up buying baguettes at the local boulangerie and eating them straight out the paper bag in her own Parisian flat? Me. Sometimes I alternate a chomp with a lick off a spoonful of French Nutella on one hand and feel like I’ve cooked a meal. Renting an apartment in Paris for one week sounded harmless at first – it’s a fraction of the costs of a hotel room, has a kitchen, and get this: my own room service rules. The Kit Kat in the fridge would be plentiful and would not cost €3,000 + my first-born on check-out. But three days in, I feel like I was getting just too comfortable; the internet was unbelievably fast for some reason and Carrefour supermarket would only sell dessert pots by sets of 6, so I was dutifully employing myself to chain-eat chocolate pudding while streaming Korea’s Next Top Model episodes, back-to-back. I’d make it to a PFW show at 10am in the morning, then come home and do this until it was time to go to the next 10am show. THIS particular set of photos were shot on the last day at the flat before a dinner with a few of my gal friends. Like coming out from a cave, I emerged in this feminine, first-date outfit. An attempt to join society again, I suppose. Even wore my new Carrera by Jimmy Choo sunglasses to protect my out-TV’d eyes, although I’d like to say it was a style choice because, well, aren’t they pretty cool, yo? Good thing I was packing and going home because otherwise I’d really have eaten €3,000 worth in pudding and perhaps even had my first born in there. How Parisienne-chic.

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  1. Love the pictures <3 paris <3 fashion <3 sunglasses <3model xxxxxx


    Gabriela Rose

  2. What a gorgeous sweater and beautiful pictures! I like how you write! x

  3. You look so beautiful!

  4. Ah I love the sweater and beautiful photos.

  5. Those photos are amazing and love the outfit! x

  6. Sarah

    haha love your first-born reference to the fat belly! x

  7. Danielle

    That Chanel sweater is to die for.. You look so chic Shini! Love your photos

  8. Love the honesty here and the knitwear! Lucy and I actually dined at Bonaparte on our last night in Paris, looks so different during the day!

  9. gorgeous jacket!

  10. loving the sunglasses x

  11. London is so pretty. You fit right in with your gorgeous style. As if you’re a part of it.

    The Fashann Monster

  12. You look so sophisticated, Really cute! And apparently lucky that it wasn’t raining in Paris ;)

  13. Anna

    @The Fashann Monster, Yes London IS pretty but this is Paris! ;-)

  14. Amazing photos like always! Love the bag like always ;)

  15. You look so elegant and chic it hurts! I love your boots!
    Mafalda ❤

  16. Love, love, love, love, love.

    xx Carin

  17. Ha ha ha if i had a body like you i would eat all the sweets in Paris of course (baguettes are too harsh for my teeth…). Anyway, that sweater is TROUBLE! <3

  18. I love those boots!

  19. hahaha, €3000 worth pudding <3. I always love to see your photos n_n

  20. you still indulged in French cuisine, right? Same experience :) You look absolutely lovely! xx

  21. Christine

    I’ll be going to Paris soon. Which apartment did you stay in? Thanks for the gorgeous pictures, always! xoxo

  22. Dude, you are getting tres fancy. Hanging out in Paris wearing a Chanel cardigan?! What what?! Hope you had a private Bentley to drive you around. Looking fab, as usual. xx

  23. Love the roses print in the first pic and I really like your jacket too!

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  24. It sounds like so much fun! I love the way you write.

  25. @Patricia, btw, which arrondissement did you stay in?

  26. love your dress.

  27. You look incredibly elegant. Adore these photos! xx

    Kate | M O D E T T E

  28. Saci

    Love your sense of humour as well as your style!
    On a random note, I was wondering what kind of laptop you are using? I’m thinking of switching my loyalties, can you recommend any non-Apple notebooks?

  29. The sweater is completely exquisite and beautiful. Love tweed for fall!

  30. Jennifer

    I love watching Korea’s Next Top Model hahaha Who’s your favourite model this season?

  31. This look is amazing on you, you should totally dress like this more often!

    Korea’s next top model any good? hmm.. sounds tempting to check out

  32. Truly parisienne-chic, indeed. I would love to put on that cardigan and jump in that car and drive the narrow streets of Paris.

  33. Ahh embarrassing! I read the whole post too! That’s what happens when you decide to try & read all of Shini’s posts in a day! Haha @Anna,

  34. LOVE love love your cardigan, it looks so good on you! and you look very parisian and effotless. Your trip to Paris sounds so exciting, I can’t wait to hear more!

    p.s. I would be dunking that baguette in the nutella, mmmmm xx

  35. Wow perfect! :0 I love your black boots but i think You have perfect shape of face.
    You should wear hats! I bought a hat in and i love it!

  36. Gorgeous dress, I love the pairing with the boots !


  37. Cristina

    Have you been offered a column in a magazine yet…? your writing is incredible…

  38. Every time we see your blog we feel like this song

    Why? Cos we wanna live forever (here).


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  40. […] visit the city I live it. I love seeing Paris through other people’s eyes. Garance, Shini and Nicole have all been here recently and I’m addicted to seeing Paris through their eyes. […]

  41. Can’t stop staring at the sweater you have on. Really, it’s so distracting (and extremely beautiful).

  42. Love you two.x

  43. Thank you, truly x

  44. Oh don’t get me wrong, I did dunk it and then licked the jar clean xx

  45. Take it slow Anna! I don’t recommend reading more than two posts at one go otherwise your head may blow up I’m afraid ;)

  46. It’s actually pretty good, much more high-fashion than the American counterpart actually I was pretty surprised!

  47. Ooh I’m currently using an old HP model because I spilt beer on my newer one, but I do recommend the Acer Zenbook – thinner than a magazine and super powerful! Hope that helps a little x

  48. UM, the third, I believe, which is technically the arrondissement that Le Marais is in, but where I stayed was the border of it so a little more grungy – kinda like Dalston if you know London very well!
    I do recommend the area though, walking distance to central and really close to Gard du Nord station if you’re coming by Eurostar.

    I did it all through airBnb though, they tend to have amazing offers. x

  49. I miss our little Paris trips man.

  50. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you! I stayed in an apartment on Rue Oberkampf, which was really great because it was so close to Le Marais – there was an APC across the road too!
    Do check out though, that’s where all the great flats are!

  51. Something of the sort – eclairs for sure though ;)

  52. It was, and I was always indoors, eating baguettes and stuff! ;) x

  53. Heading to Paris next week! Any recommendations food wise and shopping wise? :)

  54. @Shini, Whoa, me too. I’m coming next season for sure. xx

  55. Can you remember where is the coffee with this lovely sofa printed with flowers?
    I like your sweater sooo much! Very “French Flag” ;)


  56. Oh yes of course, it’s this one here! Hope you’ve been well Stephanie! xx

  57. Valerie gregori mckenzie

    Si mignon !

  58. i love that cardi! And it makes the black outfit look great! beautiful photos :)

    Hayley xx

  59. Saci

    @Shini, it’s a pretty impressive laptop, thanks for the tip! I spilled coffee on mine the other day, know how you feel, good luck with it :/

  60. @Shini, Thank you, that is so helpful – I’m looking forward to going back there in December. x

  61. LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Gorgeous pictures!

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  63. Fabolous, classy look and great photos, bag and Chanel cardigan are to die for, envy You so much!

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