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Photos with watermark courtesy of Mango, shot by Carrie Harwood. The rest by moi.

This was sunny Barcelona earlier last month, with the rockstar host Mango who brought together five bloggers (YaraLeviChristinaCarrie, moi) and four competition winners to two whole days filled with peachy fashion DIY fun. I was to overlook the workshops with my so-called ‘veteran’ DIY skills, and get the party started with a couple of projects. The stage was set, the venue decked out in every possible craft materials and tools imaginable, and of course, Mango victims (denim shirts, boyfriend jeans, accessories) sheepishly stacked along a wall, ready to be polka-dotted to death. And to my relief, lots of little dark corners to hide in if the DIY went wrong (i.e toilet with the stringy lightbulb thing). I was terrified, in all honesty, because as much as I like to call myself a DIY enthusiast, every project is still new to me with equal chance of success or failure. I could either end up with an amazing pair of slashed jeans, or a denim ‘thing’ with what could be pockets. Alas, the many years of ‘I play teacher, you play student’ games with my younger brother were of some use, it transpires, although as far as I remember nobody from this DIY workshop drank glue out of the bottle and ran off to mummy crying about it. I instructed the girls how to do ‘ABC’, and the girls went and wrote rap-songs out of their projects. It was mind blowing, actually, and wow am I really not as creative as I like to think (derp). Yeah, and nobody ate glue. I mean, I ate glue, while the girls created masterpieces. You’ll believe me when you see this.

Thank you Mango for the good fun and the warm welcome to Barcelona!

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  1. Great photos. This looks like so much fun!

    xx R U I B R I

  2. What is the cheese grater for?

    Is it an excellent surface for holding studs? Or did you use for it something else and just happen to photograph at the same time you were embellishing the chambray shirt.

    I’m so intrigued.

  3. Love these shots!

  4. Ah, this looks like such a great time! I need to go to something like this because I’m DIY challenged and could use some help.

  5. wonderful capture!

  6. Danielle

    You look like a true baws in the kitchen. ‘Polka-dotted to death’ and the bathroom allusion GREAT STUFF

  7. Looks like you guys had a blast. I’m extremely DIY-challenged, so I’m sure your skills were very impressive.


  8. I so wish I could DIY.

  9. Can’t believe when I see these handicrafts. What a perfection. How much time and patience one have to give to make these.

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  11. So cool! Actually I was really bummed that I wasn’t chosen to attend this amazing event! But, good to see that you’ll had a great time in Barcelona!
    With love,


    n e w b l o g |

  12. It must have been two great days, and I really love the result of all this DIY!

  13. Looks like you girls have had an amazing time! Love the video and the pictures, now I definitely have to try the polka dots thing on my jeans, it’s so lovely :)

  14. I hope that you have enjoyed very much in your visit to Barcelona. I love MANGO outfits, and this is a wonderful idea.
    From Spain,

  15. Looks like a lot of fun. Great photos.

  16. Looks like you had a nice time there :) Love your top as well.

  17. Cool project!

  18. looks really good! love the shirt!

  19. I love the video !! You look so nice :)

  20. I love the pom poms! Do you really know how to make them?

  21. Great! It seems like life is so full of magic!

  22. All of this is so gorgeous! And I love the polka dot pants!
    Mafalda ❤

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  24. Wow! Amazing pictures! Love the pom poms :)

  25. Aww in so jealous this looks amazing, what fun to be let loose on mango shirts and jeans with all manner of craft materials

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  27. This is so over-the-top it’s all the way up the moon. Just add glitz to everything in sight… love it!

  28. […] definitely not bikini top and straw hat weather. Good thing there were clothes a-plenty at the Mango DIY workshops, because apparently a denim shirt and boyfriend jeans a great pair of long-johns make. Enough […]

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    Thank you!

  30. this work is full of fun! love these shots! Really happy to see that! Thanks for your sharing!

  31. Such nice ideas for DIY! Romi

  32. Love a bit of DIY. Looked like fun!

    Micah xx

  33. Beautiful diy!!! i really love it :D
    Your blog is so original :D I’m keeping me eyes on you

  34. I love it!

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  39. Love your DIY projects. That polka dot denim looks great.

  40. Great post. I love events like this.


  41. Quite impressive and hard work … im in love with it

  42. Could you please follow my new fashion blog please? Thanks a lot<3

  43. Oh my dearies, this is serious eye candy right here!

  44. Those photos are so cool

  45. lola

    Very interesting site, the pictures are great!

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