I was just getting ready for party fingers then found mermaid colour. I feel like floating on water.

Again, clicky on images for larger view – especially of the magazine spreads.

POP Magazine Nov 08, 20th Anniversary Issue

Drew Barrymore is so adorable. Love her for being so down to earth.

Btw, POP magazine has the best typography.

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  1. Always love your pictures. This is my favorite editorial with Drew ever.

  2. I felt like this issue of pop was disappointing. especially for the last issue.

    but mermaid nail polish? that has to be by far the best invention I have ever seen.

  3. I’m surprised they picked Drew. Is she even doing anything now?

  4. love the nail polishy pics, yummy colours and they look like they’re screen caps!

  5. I love Drew,has this amazing childlike quality and enthusiasm about her.