Bag – Mansur Gavriel. Sunnies – Karen Walker. Swimsuit – ASOS.


Port Adriano
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Now, let me just preface this by saying that when it comes to sailing, or any somesuch art of being at sea, I know jack-poop. There’s really no better way of putting it. I perhaps vaguely know what a boat is because it sounds like ‘butt’ and Nemo touched it, but other than that all sailing/watercraft terminology goes straight over my head. Regatta still sounds like cheese to me. What I do know however, is that summer on a boat – or simply at sea – is infinitely more fun than not. I mean, you’re basically riding a mobile beach that is most times stocked with food and drinks that mysteriously taste better than on solid ground. You’re also surrounded by what is essentially a colossal pool, where you can play Marco Polo until the captain fishes you out of the water with a rod out of sheer annoyance. And suure, your body is in a hilarious state of ‘what is actually going on with the floor’, but the sun and water combination is glorious, refreshing, even humbling.

Peasant Top – Mango. Sunnies – Karen Walker.




Triangl swimwear





For the better part of the past decade, Mallorca – the largest Spanish Balearic Island in the Mediterranean – had been a chip-as-chips destination, popular amongst the European hen/stag party crowd and bored pensioners, but gems like Port Adriano help shake off this notoriety. Designed by Philippe Starck, think of it as a parking-lot for floating Mustangs and Maserati’s. Think Grace Kelly, or Bond villain – at least those with private superyachts as extension to their evil lair. So, if there’s something you tick off this summer, make it sailing in Mallorca. If only for the excuse of going out to sea and then letting your instructor do all the work, or making friend with someone that happens to own a hot boat (butt?). Flights are still cheap, so it’s really the best of both worlds. Also, be sure to do Hotel Port Adriano for an early-morning spa appointment and then brunch on the terrace – exactly in that order. The view is so spectacular you’ll be digesting banana peels while counting faraway islands. Plus, the hotel runs on an adult-only concept so you may need to hand in your Gameboys at the door, like I had to.

Park & Cube was a guest of Port Adriano. As usual, views and opinion my own. Snaps of me with the help of Abimarvel.



Top – Topshop (similar). White trousers – Zara. Shoes – Birkenstock. Bag – Neri Karra.






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  1. Love your writing! You’ve described my ideal vacations…

  2. these photos are making me want to just jet off and go sailing
    love these shots <3

  3. I’ve only heard good things about Mallorca. I didn’t realize the flights were cheap.


  4. Beautiful pictures!
    Your bikini is wonderful as well <3

  5. Stunning pictures! Makes me long for a getaway someone sunny too.


  6. Now I’m in a mood for some sailing adventures. :)

    March and May

  7. Fantastic post! All of the photos are absolutely perfect and so inspiring!

  8. Amazing pictures and those birkenstock look amazing!

  9. Ollyvia Laura


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  10. Gorgeous photos as usual Shini. I hadn’t heard of Mallorca until now but it looks like a great summer getaway spot. It’s freezing here at the moment so the thought of being able to go swimming & swear crops tops seems like heaven right now!


  11. I just found your blog and I’m so delighted! I love your humour, your style and your beautiful photos!! We’re in the middle of a heatwave here and now I’m dying to head to sea…

  12. Seriously, you went to the Maldives and I booked a flight to South Africa and now in Mallorca… ugh I need to book another holiday. #WanderlustBug

    Photos are gorgeous! And I’m not a big fan of ostrich leather, but that bag is perfection! xx

  13. Thank you for showing me that Mallorca is not only hen/stag party place because I really thought so. Your post and all these beautiful photos brightened my day and made me dream. Boats are dedicated for romantic souls loving freedom. BTW, the black top is absolutely perfect on you. Wish you wonderful summer Shini!

  14. Wonderful photos! :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  15. oooo seems like the perfect place for holidays
    xo xo from Paris

  16. Beautiful shots. I love your outfit with the black frilly crop. It’s so cute! Also you are a great writer that manages to encapsulate sophisticated blog writing while remaining witty and British. A true blogging idol!


  17. I’m sorry, but I must ask: are you wearing eyeliner in the pool?! Or are your lashes just naturally Catherine Zeta-Jones envious?!

    If it’s the first, please tell me what eyeliner ya gots that stays so good. If it’s the second, well, I’m just going to throw out the curler and resign myself to my stubby straight Asian fate I guess.

  18. As always your photos are the best! xxxxxx Sophie

  19. You know how to relax!

  20. Can I tell you that you’re my blogging idol? From your writing, to your photography, vision and the stories you’re able to curate through your posts are just breathtaking and make me wish so hard to be there as well.

    Love your black and white outfit by the dock. Such a nice and simple look for a vacation. x


  21. Beautiful pictures, the Swimsuit looks great! :)
    Kisses ♥

  22. Wow these pictures are gorgeous!! Love the outfits, too!

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