Bag – Ralph Lauren ‘Ricky’.


Park-and-Cube_Ralph-Lauren-Ricky_0003 Park-and-Cube_Ralph-Lauren-Ricky_0004


Cropped trench – Reiss (similar). Utility dress – Karen Millen. Bag – Ralph Lauren ‘Ricky’. Leather pants – ASOS. Boots – Zara (similar).

Just a quick check-in while I nurse myself back into one solid time-zone and berate my body that it’s not okay to brush teeth, and 15 minutes later attack a mega-bag of pretzel M&M’s bought at JFK. If this is what it means to be a citizen of the world, I’m just grateful I didn’t pick up a bobblehead Obama as gift to the hubby. That thing’s not edible in any time zone. And I guess poor dude is getting a crinkled bag with 11 M&Ms as gift from NYC.

This outfit was shot in London during a short window between Seoul and New York. I had obsessively lugged around my Ralph Lauren Ricky bag around town containing contents of my carry-on from the Seoul trip – including in-flight socks and mini toothpaste – in fear that if at some point I did unpack, I will not have enough time/brain capacity to re-pack for the next trip, and that I would have to face a flight without, *gasp*, in-flight socks. Great thing about this bucket bag is all the hidden compartments, because my skin was bone-dry 3 hours into the flight and in an inner pocket I found, a fist-load of Avène moisturizer samples that I’d pawed at a phamacie in Paris a couple months back. I won’t elaborate however, on how long I dug at the other pockets in case of a half-eaten pain au chocolat. 

Photo assisted by Simon Schmidt

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  1. Beautiful pictures Shini! I love the Ricky bag too.


  2. Genius layering! Ahh yes, the blessing in disguise that is a short term memory, unexpected treasures lie in bags!

  3. Great outfit! Love the color combination and the layering.


  4. beautiful!

  5. Oh wow! That is like the most perfect bag ever! I’m completely obsessed! :D

  6. Oh wow!!! That is like the most perfect bag ever! I’m completely obsessed! :D

  7. Such a beautifully styled look! I love that Ricky bag and your writing.

  8. Love what you did with this outfit – definitely outside of the box. The bag is also fabulous and great for travel! I could see a few packets of M&Ms easily getting lost in there :)

    Christina |

  9. what a bag !

  10. That bag looks amazing. Love the black jacket!

  11. Hey, Shini ! Such beautiful pictures and outfits … I love this Ricky back <3

  12. That bag is so nice, like your style!


  13. Oh Ricky is indeed perfect, and love the layering! :)
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  14. Awesome look!

  15. Oh my gosh I love this outfit! I loveeee the jacket, especially how you belted it with the khaki belt! Looks so fab!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  16. Love how you layered your outfit! :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  17. that bag is beautiful

  18. This look is so unusual yet appealing!
    September Rules

  19. This is so so so perfect!

    Printed or Plain

  20. Love your interpretation of the bag!

  21. Wow, i just love your style !

  22. Oh, how I love to find forgotten stuff in bags or jackets. :) The bag is very stylish and, according to your words, very roomy:)

  23. What a babe. Love that bag. Nothing beats a bunch of little pockets in an oversized bag. Looking lovely as usual. Can’t believe you were in America and I didn’t get to see you. What a travesty. xx

  24. Love love love! your blog. Tis the only one i look forward to and actually read with relish. Everything about your site and you are just AMAZING! I feel thoroughly satiated by your amazing graphic design skillzzzz.

    – gee

  25. Great bag and even greater trench!

  26. Bucket bags are all the rage now! The Ralph Lauren Ricky bag looks incredibly sturdy and versatile.

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  27. That bag is to die for !!

  28. Ollyvia Laura



  29. Gorgeous photos!

  30. im in love with the total look but most with the boots :*
    xo xo

  31. Love your bag! :)

  32. Awesome! A new style of handbag and great combination