Jacket – Courtesy of H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams, Shirt – I Don’t Like Mondays, Cowl Scarf around waist – Gmarket, Belt & Bag – Courtesy of Jin Yoo 103684, Cut black jeans – Zara, Boots – Office,

You don’t have to whisper, I know I have a huge sack of potato around my waist. Where else would I keep my ‘tater butt? The scarf is unfortunately nearing its death and due to the stale economic climate I cannot provide it a more luxurious retirement – hence the relocation to general butt area. Next thing it’ll be around my ankles and then finally off the body.

Thank you Leonie for the photos!

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  1. These are really excellent photos. That’s actually a really clever use for a scarf…keeps you energy-efficient in the winter!

  2. Interesting way of layering; I love the way the scarf is worn as a skirt with cut offs.

  3. Those pictures are really amazing! I love your boots

  4. i love your shoes!

  5. love your bag and shoes, very stylish

  6. i love your minimalistic clutch and the office boots !!
    im just wondering.. are office comfortable to wear ?
    im thinking of asking my friend who studies at UK to bring home some shoes for me :)

  7. I adore the huge clutch!

  8. loved the photos in the night and that knitted skirt is perfect


  9. gorgeous!
    I think you should take more night photos too, it has this really cool mood to it haha!

  10. Very nice photos :)

  11. Potato sack – what are you talking about??? You look fabulous ;)


  12. Lol the description for these photos is made of win.

  13. I thought they were lomo photo ‘wow yeah great night lomography’ ‘P
    Love how you used your snood as a scarf..nice to keep you butt warm ;P

  14. Beautiful outfit and I especially love the last picture. <3


  15. Oh! I wouldn’t have guessed this was a scarf, how clever. It looks great, and sucha clever way to multi-purpose (especially right now when knits are so ‘in’). I need a get myself a snood to try this out with!


  16. Wow, great mix!
    I love that bag!


  17. Great look. You are seriously creative to think to use the scarf in that way!

  18. Beautifull pics and stunning look! I love your shoes



  20. these photos are excellent, right? i really like them. alot. kudos to the photographer. and i love your wine belt suffocating the sack of potatoes.

  21. Love the way you used the scarf as a skirt.That would never cross my mind but is just brillhant ;)

  22. great outfit! love the knit, and gorgeous clutch!

  23. love your boots!


  24. your outfit looks so cosy x

  25. What great photos, it looks like old London streets, from the days of, erm, “yore”! I love the scarf around the waist – as long as you’re keeping the rest of you cosy! x

  26. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by S. Park, factoriem. factoriem said: Bag: factoriem by jin yoo Belt: Jin Yoo 103684 http://fb.me/D79dYhaq […]

  27. I have a slouchy hat from Korea that has moved to my neck as a neckwarmer.
    Maybe it will become a bandeau bra by the time yours is around your ankles? hahaha

  28. hahaa let’s see whose becomes uggsocks first ;)

  29. Once agan great set of night shots!
    I just love the urban setting that you have picked out and the unexpected pop of color here and there – shoe lace, burgundy belt!

  30. such beautiful pictures :) i LOVE your shoes

  31. Hello! Love the potato sack skirt- you looked great in it! I dont know if I can pull that off though ;) BTW, have you tried photographing using the new Sony Nex-5? Cant wait to see the results and read your reviews on it. I’m thinking of buying a new camera and am torn between Canon’s DSLR and Sony Nex-5..Love your blog, BTW!

  32. I think the scarf looks awesome as a skirt! Love it :D

  33. still look chic as ever!

  34. amazing boots by Office

  35. hehe! everybody is wearing those neck warmers in seoul nowadays, love seeing it around a waist for once.

  36. I love how clever your use of the scarf is! I never would have guessed it wasn’t a skirt :)


  37. Evonne


  38. I love the light shots so pretty and sad

  39. I love the use of the cowl snood as a skirt. The colour is so autumnal. I’ve been looking for a knitted skirt for a while – this might be the perfect alternative! :)

  40. amazin post !!!!!!!

    great outfit !

    ur blog is so cool!

    pls come visit and join:))


  41. that’s a pretty neat idea actually =) reminds me of the knitted skirts you see around in stores!

  42. Stella.N.J

    These photos are amazing !
    Great outfit !!!! I love your boots <3

  43. I adore that bag! X

  44. I love it actually. What a clever idea! Innovative ;) Oh! and I have been looking for a leather zip top portfolio that didn’t literally look like a leather zip top portfolio that I can wear as a clutch. Love yours!


  45. Gorgeous photos Shini! And I actually LOVE the scarf skirt!! Hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to try this myself with a big grey snood.

    Miss B xx

  46. 子,倘若别人看不到,那么不是浪费楼主的心血吗?经过痛苦的思想斗争,我终于下定决心,牺牲小我,

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