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Poland Fashion Week (Fashion Philosophy Łódź) Day 3 & 4

It’s high time that we cut some slack for Polish fashion – yes, I’m looking at you too, Poles in the audience. Every single Polish patron we’ve spoken to in Łódź (woodge) have at least once dropped their voices and asked meekly  ‘what do you think of the fashion? it’s not great, right?’, and we were all DUDES COME ON. The organization, the crowd, the talent – I came with rather low expectations for both the city and event based on reviews from Warsaw friends and bloggers (never listening to you guys again) and in the end it turned out to be the most fun I had in a long time. It may be missing world’s top editors and latest designer frills but what Poland has that many other fashion capitals lack is the humbleness in attitude. I think I love you, Łódź.

(Tommy needs to come to Poland and show us how streetstyle snaps are done, haha this is such a wannabe.)

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  1. bright trousers are seeming pretty appealing again for me

  2. This is fabulous. So awesome!

  3. love the nude on nude sock and wedge sandal combo, the group of friends walking away and the neon loafers. mazing.

    january, x

  4. first picture = YUM!


  5. that girl with the red pentax body really caught my eye
    and the red pants x red nike! :D

  6. Your photos never cease to amaze me! Utterly inspiring xx

  7. Love the girl thats blowing bubble’s sunglasses!! i need something cool like that!

    Love from Seoul,
    Nostalgic Senses

  8. Tsze

    The Candy bag! And those adorable glasses! The pops of bright colour on the neutral and plain, for lack of a better word, simple colours are lovely.. And I’m sure you know by now that you’re photos are amazing ;)

  9. alice

    The red trousers with the red sneakers with the red soles and everything, aaahh! Monochromatic to the extreme, it looks amazing. And I don’t even really like red. (Maybe that’s precisely why I’m so drawn to it!)

  10. it does look awesome. i like all the colors and innovation. they seem to really be personalizing the trends not just wearing them.

  11. Looks like one of the funnest fashion weeks I’ve seen yet!

  12. yellow/green moccasins!

  13. Lisa

    The looks are awesome…and the men…

  14. That general feeling of inferiority can also be seen at LG Fashion Week here in Toronto. Granted, some of the collections are pretty ‘meh’ but I think we’re getting better.

    Great photos as always, Shini :)

  15. So many nice details in these photos. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect Łódź to be so interesting and fashion orientated but I read posts on Poland Fashion Week and Łódź itself on The Style Crusader’s and Style Slicker’s blogs and I have to tell I am really impressed with everything. While Lithuanian Fashion Week is getting a bit boring, Polish Fashion Week seems to have a very modern approach towards how the fashion is supposed to look like. Love your photos!

  16. oh my gosh european style is my favourite!!! thank you for sharing this with us :D xx

  17. I don’t know why people complain soo much. In my opinion Fashion Week in Łódź is better and better. And it was really nice to see you there!

  18. i loveloveloved this photo range. as i’m really getting tired of the still to almost dead aethetics of certain popular streetstyle blogs i really enjoyed the freshness of these photos. made me wanna be right there right now!

  19. WONDERFUL pics ;D

    LADY GAGA show @ Cannes

  20. fantastic shots, brilliant details

  21. so many interesting details!

  22. ver

    its unbelieveble! this cant be Łódź! stunning photos! thank you.

  23. impressive crowd! great job.

  24. my dear you’ve got the best blog in the world, fabulouse pictures, always, so inspiring. These people have so much personnality and really have great style, I’m jealous ;))

  25. I think I love you, Shini.
    We are Polish, complaining is what we do but sometimes we really don’t know where to stop. It always pisses me off when people say Polish fashion and streetstyle suck and if you want to experience “real fashion”, you have to go ABROAD. I hope they come here to read your post. In your face, you whiners! (national anthem of Poland playing in the background).

  26. The chap at top = phwoaaaaar. Seriously though, Poland seems like a buoyant country to me, fashion-wise.

  27. magdalena.

    what r u doing in poland? (;
    love your blog! <3

  28. eule

    i am in love with this pohotos.
    i dont like high fashion, because i think it can get a little silly sometimes(especially when i see lady gaga when she is unable to walk in her shoes…). but i just love street fashion – it is simply amaizing how i can see all of this people in your photographs and want everything what they wear. the best picture in here is probably red trousers + red shoes. how important it is to be enough confident to wear it the right way. i think if you dont feel this outfit you will look silly. but when you do… you just rock:) i really need to buy something colourful right now(but not pink or orange – too much pink and orange this days)

    im looking at this pictures for 20minutes – this madness has to stop:))

  29. Love the guys in coloured pants! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  30. Alex&Sabina

    We Love this photos!

  31. ♡Wuao!!!
    kisses from your follower♡
    With love Little Sable

  32. Oh Poland is in many respects still a wannabe. Fashion included, yet I’m glad you liked it.

  33. love these shots!

  34. So many cute, fashionable people! I die over their accessories. Favorites include the transparent bag, red pentax camera, and the neon boat shoes. So fun!

  35. That clear bag is amazing

  36. Marta

    Nie zauważyłam tytułu na początku i jakież było moje zdziwienie, gdy okazało się, że to w Polsce :D… Byłam pewna, że to gdzieś w Paryżu, czy Mediolanie. Widać Polacy też potrafią się ubrać :)

  37. oh..the photos…you’ve captured polish fashion quite beautifully…can’t even pinpoint,love each one!!
    Though i really do love love the ‘kit and jen’ pic.:)

  38. Haha I meant that I’m a wannabe Jak & Jil with these photos, Poland is growing its own style & trend, I love it for that.

  39. redic captures. i love the hair in the first picture. complete sights to be seen. thank you for sharing them.

  40. I’m in .love with furly bags

  41. Cat

    Reminded me of Tommy Ton’s stuff right away! I’m feeling those highlighter-yellow boat shoes. And I’d enjoy a humble event more than a snooty one any day.


  42. Oh, these pictures remind me so much of Berlin (I always thought Berlin is the gate to the East)… Wonderful photos! And I’m so excited that you are bringing some Eastern European fashion vibes to us.

  43. These shots are fantastic. So full of life!!

  44. LOVE these shots!
    I love jak&jil, thus love these Tommy-inspired photos~
    looks like a lot of fun, and dunno what they’re talking about the fashion b/c it looks fantastic!!
    their humility and “underdog” quality makes this event that much more appealing & interesting.
    love your blurbs too :)
    xo Di

  45. Nouveaux Victorian mixed with early 90s nonchalance. I can dig. Also makes me wanna viz.

  46. That blue bag is fabulous!

  47. hey, i just have one question. who’s taken your outfits-photos?

    by the way, i love your style!! i would be very glad if you would do a blogvideo or something!

  48. Heya! A lot of different people, my friends, my mother, brother, boyfriend…etc!
    A blog video sounds coool, need to find someone who can help me with that! x

  49. Love the red on red- so cool!

  50. wow.. poland’s fashion looks pretty fun.. and not too serious.
    i’m a big fan of the purple and gold paisley jacket..

  51. I used a picture, I hope that you will not be evil.

  52. amazing!

  53. amazing shots.

  54. Lodzermensch

    Never listen to what people from Warsaw (or rather who live in Warsaw) have to say about Łódź because in 99% of cases it will be not true.

    Glad you liked it here, cheers.

  55. thank you lovely for the heads up! …glad to hear as me half polish! ;)

    Poland was and is more oriented towards the West Part of the World and loves American and French Fashion and really got their own thing going on, in mixing and matching… I think Poland has great potential as they are and were always a bit behind due to political restraints or else, but now as everyone is free, they are experimenting again and expressing themselves more! ..well, so much to write and tell from my perspective as I was actually raised there! ;)

    ….didn’t had the time yet to visit the Łódź Fashion Week unfortunately, but still hope to of course and see my folks!

    Glad you liked it and hope it will gain more and more audience and acknowledgment around the world soon. ( I will definitely write more about up and coming Polish Fashion soon.. )

    greets! or better to say “pozdrowienia”


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  57. To be honest I find everyday people’s style so much more interesting and inspiring than that of the high profile editors. This post is so colorful and full of character. I feel as though with some high fashion you simply have to own the IT piece of the season and you’re considered “fashionable”, while these people can wear no names and look fabulous!

    Don’t get me wrong though, if someone gave me a Prada striped skirt from this season I would rock the crap out of it!! I’m only upset that I can’t afford it ;0

  58. Proud Polka

    @Marta, and Katie up above with the “wannabe” comment:

    one big UGH to you.

    yes Polish people CAN dress. I’m so sick of Polish people complaining about other Polish people. And the people who live in Warsaw are particularly bad about that (big distinction between “live” and “from”). Such dim witted snobbery. Those are the people who desperately find embarrassment about their own country while ripping the pages of Western fashion magazines in order to copy the looks so they can look “oh so cool” but basically end up looking just barely good enough to “fit in”. And the Western stylists are the ones who travel to the eastern blocks/and beyond to gather “inspiration”. Irony missed on those saps.

    Many many many thanks for this post and the great pictures.
    Proud Polka.